When in the 30s are discovered amphetamines thought he had found a miracle drug. He quickly found that increased physical and intellectual performance, which cured the depression, helping in weight loss plaAmphetamines and Dr. Housens to suppress the appetite. Over time he began to see that their long-term effects were bad, particularly because they produced habit. The person who used progressively higher doses needed to achieve the same effects and began to discover various mental and physical illnesses directly caused by amphetamines.

Currently in medicine use is very limited to certain diseases.

Is chemically related to adrenaline-stimulating hormone that your body releases in response to situations of stress such as fear, excitement or physical activity.

The primary action of amphetamine in the brain is made, the person is more alert, able to perform more exercise, even described an increase in mental performance. Studies have been published which gives an increase of 8 IQ points on average.


Amphetamines were used primarily to treat narcolepsy, a rare disease in which the patient tended to sleep continuously.

Later uses were increasing and have been used to treat depression and Parkinson's disease and the treatment of nocturnal enuresis and hyperactive children. In these, paradoxically, amphetamines have a calming effect that makes them easier to adapt.

During the fifties were used as anorectics, ie, chemicals that decrease appetite and promote weight loss. Initially there was great euphoria and are prescribed indiscriminately. Soon they heard cries of alarm, but unfortunately when it began to take action and there were thousands of people addicted to amphetamines, especially women. With them there is no physical dependence as other drugs, but there are important psychological disorders if there is an abrupt withdrawal. It is described as a severe drop in mood, fatigue external and an increase in appetite and sleep disturbances. The most important consequence is a deep depression that occurs in all cases.


In the 60s began to develop an aura around amphetamines that turn into a cultural trait of our society.

He began producing and distributing illegal in pill and injectable forms. Young unstable. misfits, amphetamines were looking for in an escape from the society with which they disagreed. As has happened with other drugs, and especially its price, its availability in drug addicts made in many cases were forced to commit crimes. People who become addicted to amphetamines are tending to develop aggressive and violent behavior as well as accidents. They tend to have blockages that cause them intellectuals different kinds of hallucinations. Chronic dependency can cause symptoms similar to schizophrenia.

Symptoms of acute poisoning are headaches, tremors, restlessness, talkativeness, cardiac arrhythmias, sweating and bowel disorders. In extreme cases seizures, unconsciousness and even cerebral hemorrhages.



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